ADA / Universal Design Projects


Access to civic life by people with disabilities is a fundamental goal of the American’s with Disability Act, and a goal that SMSA takes very seriously in the design of projects.

SMSA architectural project managers are passionate for having equal access to all and understanding barrier restrictions. Individuals in our firm have personally spent time with wheelchair bound individuals to fully understand travel restrictions for non-ambulatory persons. We ensure that the designs we produce are fully compliant with Title II ADA/Universal codes requirements. We are very experienced working with ADA design review authorities/committees (such as the City of Seattle and State of Washington). In select projects, we have worked directly with staff who are disabled, to ensure that the designs we create meet their needs.  Ways in which we have incorporated Universal Design for renovated and new design projects include:

  • Design / Install specialized ADA lifts
  • Relocate parking stalls to be closer to entrances
  • Reduce the grades between buildings to allow for more accessible ramps between buildings
  • Design Tenant Improvements with contemporary desk/office functionality for ADA that includes current toilet upgrades, handrails, drinking fountains
  • Design extra-long ramps where feasible, making sure slopes do not exceed maximum code requirements — thus reducing switchbacks in ramps (space permitting)