University of Washington

Anderson Hall Parapet Leak Investigation


Anderson Hall, constructed in 1925 by architects Bebb & Gould, is a beautiful building designed in the typical campus Gothic style.  The 35,000 sf, 4 story building is designed with an exterior facade consisting primarily of a combination of brick veneer, cast (concrete) stone and steel sash windows over a cast concrete frame. Completing the basic building envelope are the steep slope (highly visible) natural slate shingles over cast in place concrete decks.

Over several years, the building had experienced persistent leaking and moisture intrusion into the interiors.  The firm was engaged to investigate the source of leaking.  Scaffolding was constructed and destructive testing performed to trace water intrusion sources. Several months of observation was performed and moisture readings taken at intervals. SMSA prepared a summary report with findings and recommendations for repairs.


University of Washington Main Campus, Seattle WA