Seattle Parks & Recreation

Citywide Pools Exterior & Interior Renovations


Stemper AC has worked with Seattle Parks & Recreation for several years to renovate seven public pool facilities. Our team surveyed existing building conditions at the seven pools. The primary focus was on design for upgrades and repairs, structural/ seismic improvements, building envelope repairs, life safety, ADA compliance, and interiors.

Additional Details

Ballard Pool: We completed upgrades for both exterior and interior conditions such as the roof and wall assemblies, concrete paving, handrails, joint sealants, drainage systems, pool deck, and main structure.

Meadowbrook Pool: Our team completed replacement of the original exterior cedar siding in conjunction with structural seismic improvements, and replacement of aging equipment such as the HVAC system and pool piping. Other areas such as the locker room facilities were reviewed for ADA accessibility and safety.

Medgar Evers Pool: Medgar Evers is a concrete structure located partially below grade. Aging and long-term effects from weathering caused significant cracking and allowed water to intrude into the interior spaces. We completed replacement of the pool deck and waterproofing of the elevated pool deck slab, and replaced the pool tile.

Mounger Pool: This facility houses two pools; a large teaching pool, and a smaller spa pool. The scope included mechanical equipment maintenance such as boiler room ventilation, makeup water valve replacements, and pool maintenance items related to the plaster liner condition and gutter covers.

Queen Anne Pool: Our team performed waterproofing and roof repair design, structural improvements regarding seismic support at the roof and walls, and interior concrete beams. Areas of the building were updated for ADA accessibility, and the pool deck and locker room flooring was replaced.

Southwest Pool: The pool is part of the community center and gymnasium. We addressed pool repairs including new pool plaster liner and minor structural repairs.

Helene Madison Pool: Our team completed full building envelope upgrades: insulation upgrades, roof repairs, window replacements, stucco cladding, rainscreen cladding, and re-cladding using a unique metal shingle cladding system. The interior lobby was renovated, including an improved employee spaces, an open lounge area, upgraded vending spaces, lighting improvements, and new flooring.


Seattle, WA