University of Washington; State of Washington, Seattle Housing Authority, Department of Social and Health Services, Western Washington University

Elevator Renovations / Refurbishments


S.M. Stemper Architects has designed/managed over 35 new and renovated elevator design projects.  We are trained specifically to understand and communicate how a new elevator or system upgrade/replacement can impact an entire complex or building facility and its existing systems.

Our staff are exceptionally experienced at leading and efficiently coordinating all technical consultants involved with new and renovated elevators including mechanical, electrical, structural and elevator.

Our clients seek our assistance to manage these projects because elevators, whether new or refurbished can be complex, technically challenging, have high impact to building occupants, have long materials lead times, are schedule-intense, and are code-driven involving a host of jurisdictions including local fire districts, and labor & industries, to name a few.

Examples of elevator renovation projects include:

  • UW Magnuson Health Science Center B, D & H Wing Elevator Renovations
  • UW Plant Services Materials Lift
  • WWU College Hall Elevator Improvements
  • YVS Elevator Improvements, DSHS
  • Wedgewood A and Fremont Elevator Renovations, SHA