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Fisheries Building Renovation


Built in 1978, the building finishes were dated; persistent water intrusion through the envelope and roof was deteriorating the exterior siding and damaging the interiors, and the facility was not operating to its full rental income potential. While three of the four floors were rented office space (at lower than market rents), the main (first) level was used as storage. The owners desired to refresh/convert all 4 floors to rentable commercial office space. SMSA assisted owners with the programming of the facility and with enhancing the visibility of the building exterior from the main arterial through the choice of materials and color scheme.

Additional Details

DESIGN: The building was fully gutted and renovated inside and out with design improvements including:

  • Envelope updates (replacement of vinyl siding with contemporary materials; replacement of windows; roof replacement).
  • Redefined point of entry, new entry canopy structure and entry planter box/greenery feature and safety improvements to welcome visitors and users into the building.
  • Renovation of ground floor level converting from storage to office area to reflect current market trends.


  • Second-floor suites for spec tenants
  • Third floor for existing tenants
  • Tenant improvement build-out of upper floor for accounting tenant
  • Addition of skylight structure on the fourth floor providing natural light to office reception area
  • ADA accessible exterior entry ramp, doors, parking space, and restroom improvements throughout
  • Shower and storage for bike users
  • Elevator interior finishes replacement
  • Interior and exterior lighting upgrades throughout enhancing efficiency and security
  • HVAC replacement to maximize efficiency and ceiling heights
  • Parking lot repaving/restriping
  • Voluntary seismic upgrades


Seattle, WA