Seattle Public Schools

Historic West Seattle High School Roof Replacement


This project included leading repairs and restoration for:

• Clay roof tile replacement for the entire existing historic roof
• Replacement of metal standing seam addition steep-slope roofs
• Modified bitumen membranes at all low-slope roofs
• Copper gutter, ridge, step, and valley flashings (visible at steep roofs)
• New membrane roofing at maintenance walkway
• Painting of parapet bracing
• Replacement of fall protection anchors
• Design of historic copper spire replacement at central cupola

Additional Details

This portion of the re-roof consisted of the removal and re-installation of the existing historic red clay tile on top of a new vented roof system. After the underlayment and battens were installed, the tiles from the next section were temporarily removed, lightly cleaned (moss and dirt removal) and then reinstalled on the battens of the first section. The remainder of the roof tile was removed and re-installed in the same manner.

This project also included temporary removal and re-installation of historic copper flashings, and integration of new copper flashings and detailing that were not original to the building, but fit within the historical character. Our architects also designed a replacement for the historic copper spire which was originally at the central cupola of the north entry, but disappeared sometime after 1963. The historic restoration of these elements allowed for a rejuvenation of the building’s exterior aesthetic.

Stemper AC staff successfully completed the Landmarks Certificate of Approval package before completing the re-roof, including preparing specifications, and preliminary design.

Construction for Phase II of the West Seattle HS re-roofing was completed in 2021. Phase II completed the re-roofing of the historic and contemporary roof areas.


3000 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116