Seattle Public Schools

John Marshall School Roof Replacement & Elevator Design and Seismic Upgrades


Originally constructed in 1926 by famed architect F.A. Naramore, this vintage historical building was in need of exterior and interior repairs.

Project 1: The classic brick masonry façade while in overall good condition was showing signs of aging with cracks, efflorescence and moss build up. The windows were deteriorated. Repairs included seismic bracing; reinforcement to the parapet wall; partial roof replacement; roof repairs; masonry restoration; repair of cast stone; fascia cleaning and repairs/painting of window frames/sash.

Project 2: The firm performed an investigative survey and designed a roof replacement for this 25,744 sf, existing ballasted built-up roof system. An IRMA roof was selected due to low window clearance. Abandoned roof level mechanical units were removed, repairs made to existing units and skylights were repaired. To improve accessibility by non-ambulatory individuals, SMSA designed and installed a new elevator providing access to all floors.


520 Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle WA