Everett Community College

Olympus Hall Exterior Renovation


Olympus Hall is one of EvCC’s and the State of Washington’s oldest remaining community college buildings. It was designed in the minimalist International Style, evidenced by: rectilinear form; large punched openings filled with structural glass; continuous, ribbon of operable windows along the sides and ends of the building bringing natural light and ventilation to the interiors; a monumental open main stairwell; use of concrete, massing and fenestration; broad, double loaded corridors providing efficient streaming of occupants through the building and aluminum lettering on the front façade stating the college name.

The International style has origins in the 1930’s and was used extensively from 1950 – 1970. The efficiency of the style once regarded as a sensible response to wartime materials restrictions, came to symbolize in the post-war period, an era of restoring confidence in the US.

The building was overdue for envelope and roofing repairs. SMSA designed and oversaw construction of a new, 17,000 sf EPDM roof replacement. The existing exterior was noticeably aging stucco and cracked. A new EIFS system including structural glazing was designed and installed at the first and second floors to seamlessly integrate with the International style. The 4,000 sf EIFS section was designed with a thermally broken glass window system that is structurally improved, retains heat in the winter, and stays cool in the summer. Building signage was replaced in keeping with the clean, modernistic simplicity of the original lettering, but with upgraded, durable material.


2000 Tower Street, Everett WA