Green River Community College

Woodlands Stormwater Detention Project

  • Infrastructure


This unique project provides the college many tangible benefits including serving as a cost-effective way to address storm water detention for GRCC’s “Front-entry” development projects. Extensive planning, site analysis and a complex multi-jurisdictional coordination effort over several years were involved to design stormwater detention ponds with campus wide impact.

Additional Details

EDUCATIONAL “LABORATORY”: GRCC leadership envisioned involving students and staff throughout the process to provide a tangible, real-world instructional opportunity.  GRCC students were involved in the design, monitoring, and presentation of this project to the City of Auburn, United States Army Corp of Engineers, State of Washington Department of Ecology, Fisheries Department, Department of Natural Resources, and the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, to name a few.

Current and future students enrolled in GRCC’s Forestry Program, will be monitoring and managing the Woodland Detention Site as part of their curriculum in an on-going, hands-on educational initiative.


12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn WA