Green River College

Shipping / Receiving Renovation


As the campus was redeveloped with new Trades and Student Union facilities, the original campus Shipping / Receiving program was displaced. At the same time, the existing Welding Building had been retrofitted with new structural and mechanical systems following the Nisqually Earthquake. As part of ongoing master planning efforts, the college determined that campus Shipping / Receiving would be relocated to the welding building. This renovation was a secondary project to the Trades Replacement capital project. S.M. Stemper Architects was involved in all phases of the project, from project request report through close-out.

Additional Details

DESIGN: With a limited budget, the old welding lab was transformed into an open, high bay space with room for deliveries, rolling file storage, mail distribution equipment, and staff work stations. Offices and a break room are provided for staff. In addition, the college Information Technology (IT) department accepts deliveries in the facility and has a workshop for assembling hardware and imaging computers prior to distribution across campus. A material lift services two mezzanine levels, allowing for secure storage for two distinct programs.

SUSTAINABILITY: The campus achieved significant cost savings by adapting the old welding shop and reusing the envelope. Modernized mechanical and electrical systems: 1) Reduce short and long-term maintenance costs; 2) Create energy cost savings; 3) Increase energy efficiency; and 4) Provide a facility that serves the GRC campus decades into the future.


Auburn, WA